Amma Massage

The AMMA massage is a seated massage.
It lasts from 15 to 25 minutes.
For those who are apprehensive about touch or massage, this is the ideal massage to discover this benefit.
Because the front part of the body is not directly involved and because it is done while dressed, this massage is less intrusive for those who are not initiated to massages.
It consists of a precise sequence of pressure, stretching, percussion and sweeping movements that relieve tension in the whole body.
The parts massaged are the shoulders, arms, hands, the outer areas of the legs, the head and the neck.
Indirectly, all parts of the body are involved and are worked in an energetic way (meridians).
It is a massage for everyone.
The AMMA massage provides a deep relaxation of the body and a dynamisation of the person in a short period of time.

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